VIP protection sans ‘Black Cats’

Should providing security be on the grounds of real threat only or to the choice of the ‘protected’ ones strictly as to the type and the class of security, has assumed interesting proportions of discussions and comments in this country especially in the very recent past. Normally, in the levels of professionalism as in which type of and how much of size , there should be no undue interference as it is the job of the professionals to decide, based on knowledge, experience , training received and guidelines laid down. Indian tax payers’ money is spent on providing security cover usually only to politicians who otherwise are enjoying salaries, privileges , perks , exemptions from tax and facilities much beyond and in increasing contrast to the basis and basics of Indian “Sewa Bhav” which usually most of the politicians say they are entering politics for. In the same way, getting which type of and how much security should not be on the basis of ‘status symbol’ but only to get protection . The present dispensation is engaged in bringing about some necessary changes in the entire system of providing security including cut in the size of the cover.
In this connection, another decision to the effect of completely removing NSG commandos from the task of being part of security cover, has been taken by the Government. It may be recalled that the force was raised in 1984 as an elite anti terror force and will be relieved of the duties to provide security cover to VIPs, say now after more than two decades. The force has been providing proximate amd mobile security cover under the top Z+ category to more than 13 politicians at the rate of 24 personnel for each of the protectees.Accordingly, such duties which they have been performing in respect of providing security cover to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and UP CM Yogi Adityanath would soon be transferred to para- military forces. Similarly, other political leaders like Mayawati , Mulayam Singh , Chandrababu Naidu, Parkash Singh Badal, L.K.Advani and those political leaders who are ‘enjoying’ NSG security cover and may cease to receive one from now onwards.
However, it should not be interpreted as any of the attempts in diluting the quality of security or downsizing it in order to compromise even in least with round the clock commitment. However, as is wont withmost of those in opposition to make an issue out of even this affair needs to be kept out of the purview of settling political scores and points. The decision needs to be looked in the context of relocating the relieved personnel the duties and functions for which the force was primarily constituted in respect of anti-terror and anti-hijacking activities. Better results could be expected from them as they could concentrate on the specific jobs which they were originally mandated to handle.
Looking not only to the cost factor but to the maximisation of best utilisation, a force comprising 450 commandos would, in the process, be available for enhancing the fighting components of the force which is spread across five hubs of the country . The Central Reserve Police Force is equally capable of providing security to VIPs and should have been utilised for the job performed by the NSG commandos so far as the later are specially trained for special and specific eventualities only.