VHP, HRS, JWAM condemn Kathua episode

VHP State president Leela Karan Sharma at a press conference at Jammu on Saturday.
VHP State president Leela Karan Sharma at a press conference at Jammu on Saturday.

Seek action against culprits

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 8: Various organizations have condemned the action of a non State Subject belonging to Kerala who has kept 20 children in solitary confinement in Kathua for a long time and tortured them.
VHP State president, Leela Karan Sharma, while condemning the act alleged that the priest (Padri) belonging to Kerala and his wife had kept the children in solitary confinement and besides exploiting them sexually he was torturing them on the name of the charity.
He demanded that the Government should conduct the medical examination of these children and the culprits be taken to task. Leela Karan said that similar acts have taken place in Jharkhand where human trafficking is being done in the name of charity by the members of Christian community who are receiving huge funds from abroad and they indulge in various criminal activities and conversions.
Terming the action of these elements highly objectionable and dangerous, Leela Karan Sharma urged the administration to effectively check the illegal activities by the anti social elements. He also asked the people to remain vigilant against such elements who on the name of charity are exploiting the children and forcing their conversions.
Abhishekh Gupta, Prant Mantri VHP, Purshotam Sharma, Apaar Sharma and Rejesh Basin were present in the press conference.
Hindu Raksha Samiti (HRS) president, Ram Pal Sharma has also highly condemned the action of the priest who had kept 20 children in solitary confinement , tortured and exploited them.
He demanded that all children should be medically examined and culprits be taken to task. There should be constant check on so called charitable homes which are playing a dubious game. He said such acts be checked in this border State which is already under threat of militants.
He warned in case Government fails to check such elements the people will come to streets in protest.
President Jammu West Assembly Movement, (JWAM) Sunil Dimple held a protest here today against the act of a non State Subject in Kathua who had kept 20 children including girls in solitary confinement and was harassing and exploiting them iv various ways.
The protestors demanded severe action against the culprits. They held road blockade and disrupted movement of vehicular traffic. They also demanded a CBI probe into the matter. He said more people are involved in this racket and they too should be arrested and dealt under law.