Venkaiah, Dr Jitendra address CSIR Foundation Day; IIIM Jammu wins National award

NEW DELHI, Sept 26 : The Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research (CSIR) today celebrated its 80th Foundation Day. The function was held at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), one of India’s oldest CSIR Laboratories, and was addressed by Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu as Chief Guest and Union Minister for Science & Technology, Dr Jitendra Singh as Guest of Honour.
On the occasion, CSIR awards were presented in different categories, including young scientists, innovations by school children,Life-Time achievement and for distinguished work of the year to the outstanding among the 37 CSIR laboratories spread across the country.
Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM) Jammu, which was established in 1940s by Sir Ram Nath Chopra, won the National award for initiating the “Purple revolution” of India and thus, redefining and reshaping the entire profile of agriculture entrepreneurship for the years to come. Pertinent to mention that during the last one year, IIIM jammu has supported a number of young Startups to undertake Lavender farming. As a result, young agriculturists from different parts of the country are approaching this institute to begin Startups in agriculture.
Speaking on the occasion, Venkaiah Naidu lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach of “Reform, Perform and Transform”. He also appreciated Dr Jitendra Singh for his wide knowledge in different fields.
Expressing his keen interest in scientific research and encouraging the young Scientists, the Vice President of India said, he has undertaken a plan to visit various scientific institutes across India including CSIR laboratories, IITs etc. where he is interacting with Scientists from different spheres. He said he was particularly impressed with some of the women scientists.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, “We should not restrict our ambition to be best in India but be best in the world as India is blessed with the demographic dividend of youth and they can take up any challenge with the right training and motivation”.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, as the Nation is celebrating the AzadikaAmritMahostav, the combined strength of CSIR, DBT, DST and MoES along with other science ministries can indeed transform the entire country in the next 25 years as the entire progress is going to remain heavily Technology dependant. He said, when India turns 100, it should be a global leader ranging from Defence to Economics with strong scientific and technological inputs.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership Science and Technology got enhanced budget and a very special impetus in the last 7 years and the scientific pursuits and endeavors are now being assigned special importance. He said, the ultimate goal of all Scientific Innovations is to bring “Ease of Living” for the common man and pointed out that with this aim in mind Prime Minister took decision to unlock India’s potential in Space Sector, thus paving the way to transform skill, capacity and creativity to make the country self-reliant and technologically advanced. Similarly, country’s atomic energy field was shut behind a veil of secrecy and it was only PM Modi who gave the permission to expand India’s nuclear programme.
Lauding the 80-year successful journey of CSIR, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is heartening to see the evolution of CSIR from developing India’s first Indelible Ink used in elections to providing Indian Standard time using Atomic Clocks today. From the development of Swaraj Tractor to the recent test flying of HANSA-NG is a testament to the growth of CSIR in the last eight decades, he added.
Referring to the Aroma Mission of CSIR, the Minister said, it has made a difference in the lives of thousands of farmers across India and especially in Kashmir. He said, CSIR’s Aroma Mission introduced a superior variety of lavender in Kashmir, and today, a purple revolution is underway in Kashmir. He also mentioned that CSIR has introduced Heeng cultivation in India for the first time and introduced Saffron in non-traditional areas, apart from its well-known mark in the area of menthol mint.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, scientific organisations in the country cannot work in silos anymore and the collaborations should look beyond partnerships between organisations in the same area of research. He said, scientists should move from intradisciplinary silos to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The Minister informed that in the last two m0nths, he has taken the initiative of calling joint meetings of 8 odd Science Ministries and Departments to brainstorm on theme based solutions that have bearing on fields like health, education, infrastructure, mobility and climate change
Finally, Dr Jitendra Singh congratulated all the scientists, researchers and students who have won the prestigious Shanti SwaroopBhatnagar Prizes and said that the accolades will further motivate the recipients to continue their excellent work and inspire those around them. The Minister said, he was really delighted to see the power of innovation among the winners of CSIR Innovation Award for School Children. He said, they will be the future entrepreneurs, industry leaders, scientists and professors.