Vegetables and essentials at exorbitant rates

Should proverbially someone’s hut be burning and someone should warm its hands be considered ethically and morally right? In the same way, should some unscrupulous vegetable and fruit vendors take undue advantage of the 21 days lockdown to fight corona virus which is a grave threat to people throughout the world ? It is absolutely unacceptable that at most of the places, these items are sold at exorbitant prices . While it becomes the duty of each one of us to help one another in whatever way possible , overcharging and selling substandard items of essential commodities chiefly vegetables and fruits is morally , ethically and legally bad. It is ostensibly being done by exploiting the rush of consumers, less time of purchase with them , restrictions on movement and other factors .
What can the consumers do in such abnormal hours or moments of absolute sensitivity except to reconcile with the created situation and purchase at whatever prices charged for ? Why should the Government not verify the rates both wholesale and retail and keep issuing the rate list of these items ? In the same way, position of availability of masks, sanitizers and essential medicines is no better as retail outfits complain of no fresh arrivals and the needy suffer. Dettol like anti germicidal even is not available at most of the shops . Government must look into these aspects which are no less important to make the lockdown effective.