This Valentine…Find a Soulmate

Karanvir Gupta
It’s amazing to realise how one day fills the social milieu with love all around. Looks like suddenly the world has grown all cheerfully optimistic and taken a dip in water that was spraying love. While some of you are heading to office while you read this piece, some of you holding your valentines tight and some of you are just brushing it through, I recline back with suspicion that what couldn’t be conveyed over the period, will one day suffice for it? Alas, no!
Oh, absolutely not! I am not going to be a turn off for you readers on this day when we celebrate the glory of our love. All I intend to do is add some shades to your existing/non-existing love. Just add a deeper meaning to the word which is unfortunately so misinterpreted and miscommunicated. I have seen married couples, befriend people who are in live-in, people who have friend-zoned their relationships and I have also had a chance to meet people who have given their relationship a no name, they are living by under nameless relationships. And I feel elated when I write about this because each form of love is pure and distinct in its terms. They are distinct colours which make the spectrum of love wide and beautiful.
I have observed this many a time that we try to pretend our emotions sometimes for months, sometimes for a year and sometimes for lifetime. And more we are successful in doing so, more powerful is the love, we call it so. We please our partners by dressing well, indulging in activities which our partners like, accompanying them in what they wish to do, and (most horrible) by changing ourselves. (And by the way both the genders do this.) I do not deny the fact that all of this is required to an extent but not to an extent where we end up being somebody else and forget the real self. That I call is a sad state of love where we have not only derided the pious love but also ourselves.
Oh! Dear lovers, love is beyond all that. Love need not be contained by boundaries of marrying, being together always; love is not gifts and flowers (use them to express and not to assert) and love is definitely not lust. I will be pompous if I even attempt to define love, all I can do is paint some shades of love. Love is a madness, it is an emotion that frees you (and not cages you). It is not where you have to talk, it is something where you can share the silences. It is where we can silence each other’s demons. Love stays! Love is there to stay. And when you reach that stage in love, I call it the ultimate divine form of love and you call them Soulmates. And this again is not bound by any relationship, it need not be tagged. It shall exist for the peace of your soul and the other’s soul. If you don’t happen to be together, don’t mourn for it, but be happy that it happened. I strongly believe ‘Love can happen once twice or thrice but soulmates are once in life’. So, this valentine, find a soulmate and not a lover. Lover is a passé but soulmate is peace!