Vaccines absolutely important to save lives, defeat COVID-19: PM Modi

NEW DELHI : Vaccines are absolutely important to save lives and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday while delivering the keynote address on the occasion of “Vesak Global Celebrations” on Buddha Purnima.
Prime Minister hailed the scientists who worked on COVOID-19 vaccines and said, “the emergence of vaccines within an year of the pandemic striking shows the power of human determination and tenacity.”
“The pandemic has impacted every nation. The economic impact is huge as well. Our planet will not be the same after COVID-19. In the times to come, we will certainly remember events as either pre-COVID or post-COVID. But, over the last year, there have been many noteworthy changes as well. We now have a better understanding of the pandemic which strengthens our strategy to fight it. Most importantly, we have the vaccine, which is absolutely important to save lives and defeat the pandemic,” the Prime Minister said.
PM Modi also expressed his gratitude towards the first responders, frontline health care workers, doctors, nurses and volunteers who selflessly risk their lives every day to serve others in need. He also extended his condolences to people who lost their loved ones during the pandemic.
“While studying the life of Lord Buddha, there is mention of the four sights. These four sights brought Lord Buddha face to face with human suffering. At the same time, it ignited within him the desire to devote his life to removing human suffering. Lord Buddha taught us blessings, compassion, and welfare of all,” he said and added that In the last year individuals and organisations, who rose to the occasion and did everything possible to reduce suffering, were working on the principles of Lord Buddha.
PM Modi also reminded people that while continuing the fight against COVID-19, the world should not lose sight of other big challenges like climate change.
PM Modi said that “reckless lifestyle” of the present generation threatens the coming generations and noted that weather patterns are changing, glaciers are melting and rivers and forests are in danger.
“We can not let our plants remain wounded. Lord Buddha put emphasis on a way of life where respect for mother nature is paramount,” PM Modi added. (Agency)