Vacant posts in Public Sector Banks

That there are over 41000 vacant posts in Public Sector Banks or 5 percent of the sanctioned strength is what the Finance Minister has informed the Parliament in which the State Bank of India was leading, must be filled warranted on need basis principle. However, just because that all these posts are required to be filled, in order only to ensure rendering better services to the banking public is equally not wholly true. Providing better and satisfactory customer service is the main pillar on which Banking structure is supposed to be functioning to which every employee is supposed to be committed. During the COVID-19 pandemic period , however, services rendered by the Banks throughout the country were appreciated by the people.
Modern banking is more on-line than physical where both deposits and withdrawals to a larger extent are made through ATMs and other modes which is easing the impact of public rush on Bank branches hence the work load and the staff strength .Same is true of updating of passbooks . Universal computerization in Banks has considerably reversed the alibi of manpower shortage for under-performance as just at one desk , an employee can cater to various services and deal in banking products – both deposits and advances and ancillary services – as against when all transactions used be done manually even dishing out a monthly statement of accounts thus justification of adequate manpower.