US delegation on eight-day India visit from Aug 30 to Sept 6

NEW DELHI, Aug 18:
US Senator Jon Ossoff will lead a delegation to India on an eight-day visit beginning August 30 to explore ways to strengthen bilateral economic, scientific and security ties.
“I am leading this US delegation to strengthen the friendship between our nations and to meet the next generation of Indian leaders,” said Senator Ossoff. The 35-year-old from the US state of Georgia is the youngest US senator elected in three decades.
“We will also work to represent the Indian American community in Georgia, where the growing Indian diaspora is a thriving and beloved part of our community,” he said.
A statement released by his office said Ossoff will work to strengthen economic, scientific, cultural, and security ties between the US and India, during the visit.
The State of Georgia, which Ossoff represents in the US Senate, is home to over 100,000 Indian Americans.
This week, Senator Ossoff sent a message to the Indian people on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence where he highlighted the importance of deepening ties between the two countries. The US delegation is scheduled to arrive in Mumbai on August 30 and depart from New Delhi on September 6.
“During his first two years in office, Senator Ossoff has written and passed legislation to strengthen civil rights, to boost domestic solar energy manufacturing, and to improve public health while leading bipartisan investigations of abuse and corruption as the Chairman of the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations,” the statement read. (PTI)