Uri needs more bunkers

August 5 this year was the day since Pakistan started feeling the jitters and edginess of variant hues simply as a fallout of some constitutional and administrative measures in one of India’s own states, Jammu and Kashmir in the form of abrogation of Article 370 which bestowed special status on it on purely temporary basis. While it is beyond comprehension as to why Pakistan is getting goose bumps over an internal matter of India, a sovereign country, all its noise and hubbub over it has made it a laughing stock in the comity of nations. It is purging its unnecessary pent up feelings by launching a tirade against this country very often threatening with war etc. Now, it has intensified its routine and habitual unprovoked shelling and violation of the sanctity of the Line of Control (LoC) by extending the same to the Uri sector in North Kashmir.
People living along the LoC in Uri, Tangdhar, Keran, Gurez and other areas had been living peacefully especially since 2003 ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan and virtually cross border firing and shelling had become harsh memories of yester years for them but for the last two months, they are on the edge following intermittent shelling from Pakistani side which has resulted in heavy damage to many houses. The motives of such shelling especially by directly targeting residential houses and the families living therein must only be known to Pakistan but the fact is that with such aggressive designs on the borders, that country vain fully wanted to project the entire area as “disturbed” and in its terminology as “disputed” before the world to expect some miracle of what it had in its scheming of things .
The question is as how to deal with the situation when a rattled Pakistani leadership finding its jugular vein giving it bumps, resorting to such shelling in utter desperation. Two pronged strategy had to be evolved. One- as usual giving it a befitting retaliatory treatment of such dimensions that its heart missed not only a beat but many at a stretch, which our valiant forces are already doing and two – how to ensure that nearly two lakh people living in this sector were not put to any sort of inconvenience and hazards of such mindless and purposeless unprovoked Pakistani shelling. That could be possible only by constructing of bunkers especially in vulnerable areas. The compulsions of finding alternative ways to get protection from such aggressive designs of Pakistan has been in some cases like people constructing bunkers on their own and bearing entire cost of construction. That obviously cannot be true of every other inhabitant living along the LoC and the residents, as such, demanded proper action by the Government.
It may be noted that the malady afflicting Pakistan of resorting to unprovoked firing did not take place from August 5 only but many years in a row before also but as back as in 1998, Government took stock of the situation by sanctioning individual and community bunkers and most of them were in fact constructed. However, the severe earthquake of 2005 destroyed these bunkers and since 2003 ceasefire became operative, the need for such bunkers did not arise. The situation, however, needs proper review by the Government by arranging construction of bunkers for providing a security cover to the people in Uri sector vulnerable to malicious Pakistani designs.