Uri Bridge awaiting completion

The Nandh Singh Bridge of historic importance on Srinagar Muzaffarabad Highway near Uri Town of Baramulla in North Kashmir appears to be no one’s concern as it continues to remain incomplete for more than a decade. Constructed in early 90s, it is located over Haji Peer Nullah and connects Tehsil headquarters with many far flung areas. It is a vital connecting link with the Srinagar – Muzaffarabad highway.
This bridge suffered adversely in the year 2005 due to earthquake resulting in the suspension of the movement of traffic on it as it was considered quite unsafe and a makeshift bridge, in the meantime, was constructed by Border Roads Organisation to regulate traffic but due to flash floods of 2014 and wear and tear, that bridge too has been damaged now. The Uri Bridge connects nearly thirty far flung villages of the main town of Uri and is just nothing short of a lifeline for them.
It is reported that a row between the construction company and the Border Roads Organisation has resulted in the delay in its completion while the authorities appear unconcerned to have it resolved in the interests of the public who are risking their lives by using the only alternative, that of the damaged make Shift Bridge. A period of 12 years is not only inordinate but unjustified for completion of this bridge. The authorities agree that the bridge was important to be completed but are not taking any initiative in resolving the main hindrance coming in its way. We urge the concerned authorities to attend to the issue on priority to mitigate the sufferings of the people.