Urdu no more mandatory for Naib Tehsildars’ exam

Jammu youth say injustice with them undone

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 28: Urdu will not be mandatory in the written examination of Naib Tehsildar, the posts which are due to be advertised shortly, a decision which has received strong appreciation in several parts of Jammu division.
Enthusiastic youth of several districts of the Jammu region, who were earlier unable to appear in the examination of Naib Tehsildar because of mandatory knowledge of Urdu, have appreciated the Jammu and Kashmir administration especially the Revenue Department for ensuring that the educated youth who don’t learn Urdu are also able to appear in the examinations. Click here to watch video
Officials confirmed to the Excelsior that Urdu is now not mandatory for the Naib Tehsildar examinations whenever they are held. So far, the Services Selection Board hasn’t received vacancies of the Naib Tehsildars for advertisement and initiating selection process but, as per the sources, the vacancies are being identified and could be advertised shortly.
Mandatory knowledge of Urdu language used to deprive a large number of educated youth of several districts of Jammu region where they don’t keep Urdu as a subject and learn Hindi. Thus, they were deprived of appearing in the exams and becoming the Naib Tehsildars, an important post in the Revenue Department.
“Whenever the posts are advertised and the examination for the post of Naib Tehsildars are held, the youth of major parts of Jammu region will also get an opportunity to appear. This is a very good news for us,” said one of the youth who learnt from his colleagues that Urdu will not be mandatory in upcoming examinations for the posts of Naib Tehsildars which will be conducted by the Services Selection Board.
In fact, there was jubilation among the educated youth of many districts of Jammu province after they came to know that they too will be able to appear in the Naib Tehsildar examinations as Urdu language is no more mandatory for the papers.
“Earlier, the posts of Naib Tehsildars were virtually confined to Kashmir division and few districts of Jammu region where students keep Urdu as subjects. Others were denied opportunity to appear in these exams. The administration has undone the injustice done with the youth of several areas of Jammu region earlier,” another educated youth said.