Upholding Constitutional validity of Aadhar

The Supreme Court on Sept 26 gave a ruling of far reaching consequences which has been described as balanced by upholding the Constitutional validity of “Aadhar by saying that it was mandatory to link PAN with Aadhar and it was compulsory for filing Income Tax returns. It was also a must for availing facilities of welfare schemes and Government subsidies.
The five – judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra in a 4 to 1 verdict gave the ruling on the Aadhar. The controversies mainly from the political view point and to score points have been addressed by the Apex court, very clearly. Direct Transfer Benefit of the welfare schemes of the Government reaching the targeted groups of the society without any middlemen claiming their “mehnatana” could be possible only by the introduction of the Aadhar .
However, the Court directed that Aadhar was not mandatory for linking with Bank accounts and a telecom service provider too could not insist for the Aadhar as a precondition for linking it with the mobile telephone number to continue with providing the service. School admissions too have been kept outside the ambit of the Aadhar being compulsory. However, there have been mixed political reactions that of “stand vindicated” and “victory of our view point”. Needless to add, Aadhar is a new symbol of the grace of the citizenry of the country.