Up-gradation of FSL in utter blues

Sensitive issue like modernisation and up-gradation of Jammu and Kashmir Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) especially seen in the backdrop of militancy infested state is continuing to be in utter despondency and in doldrums. If the issue is seen in the context of the levels of such Laboratories in most of the states across the country being in full preparedness to address related problems of crime on the basis of being in possession of the latest techniques and the equipment as also the number of experts and technicians, Jammu and Kashmir shall find its place last in the list. What could be the reasons of such a complacency and non seriousness about such an important matter related to cracking cases of crime scientifically beyond any realms of doubt to help prosecution in getting the conviction for sure of the accused from a court of law must be fully known. Again, the question is as to why should other states bail us out in such cases of crime which in the absence of both the requisite facilities and the concerned professional personnel in the state cannot be handled. Dependency and living under utter protectionism and working under conditions of hits and trials including help from other states and Central Government as a routine, was tantamount to under performance and even no performance ruling the roost.
We understand that that the need to improve the functioning of the FSL was felt long back and towards that end, nearly one and a half year back, a proposal was built up for consideration and implementation but as on date , no progress has been made, even any administrative activity or any movement is not witnessed. How are the authorities concerned feeling at ease looking to the fact that no ballistic expert is available in the Laboratory for the past several months. Not only that, how shocking is the prospect of several wings of the FSL getting defunct next year following superannuation of the available personnel handling the most technical areas.
In this connection, the comprehensive “proposal” taking stock of all the required infrastructure purported to be built by the Jammu and Kashmir Police Headquarters and the same having been conveyed to the Joint Director, FSL is conspicuous of its reaching any stage of implementation. The said proposal was believed to have been fashioned on the pattern of the modern level laboratories operating in Delhi, Gujarat etc and believed to have been sent to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The working culture of most of our departments and offices is peculiar in that realities of follow-up and monitoring are considered as abstract concepts and hence optional to pay the requisite heed. That is the bane of the most of our issues remaining unsettled.
Has there been a communication gap between the authorities of the FSL and the Police top brass in respect of finding out the extent and the volume of the immediate requirements and the financial implications thereof? We learn that the FSL authorities have done their job in this area and sent all the relevant details . Where does the bricking of the process lie must be vigorously found out and measures taken to resolve. It would not be out of box to suggest that in case the availability of the incumbent personnel was not around, extension in the tenure of service of the existing personnel should be the alternate administrative solution but never should a situation be allowed to wreck the existing frail infrastructure due to administrative red-tape no matter at which level. If criminal justice system is to be strengthened, if heinous crimes are to be cracked right in time, if seizures of contraband drugs and narcotic substances are to be certified and tested to help prosecution in frustrating and nipping chances of acquittals, the Forensic Science Laboratories should be strengthened at both the capital cities. It is no wisdom to dig wells when fire was raging menacingly or repair roofs only during rains. That would amount to be acts of futility besides demonstration of utter incompetence.