Unveiling ‘The Veil’

Sunny Dua

Book review : The Veil
Author : Minal Arora
Ballads : Kirti D Narang
Page : 107
Format : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Blue Rose Publishers
Price : INR 200

‘The Veil’ very articulately narrates eight stories of Minal Arora’s five clients who while undergoing Serenity Surrender (SS) therapy experienced their past lives that they lived in distress, in search of love, in conflict, holding onto something they didn’t want to lose or in complete silence and carrying forward sufferings of their past even in their present day lives. It’s like travelling into the time machine, only to fix what one is carrying along today through healing, that well trained Serenity Surrender teacher and healer Minal practices.
In simple words Minal has tried to explain how while driving, one constantly keeps an eye on the rear view mirror to ensure that drive becomes safe and secure. So, by fixing their past, people according to the author can sail smoothly through rough weather waters and touch shore safely. Having unveiled past lives of people in ‘The Veil’ which were haunting them in their present day lives as well, the author has not only healed them but also made her clients live lives without any unrest, regret or unfulfilled desires. In fact their lives are claimed to have found meanings after SS healings.
The book also goes on to explain how indecisiveness amongst story tellers was not letting them sail through emotions. After going through Serenity Surrender therapy and giving vent to their past lives these very people were able to free themselves from shackles and take flights that they had desired since ages. Chained to their past, these people were making their present day lives more complex without any headway but having travelled to their past they were able to fix their present in much better way, the author tells in ‘The Veil’.
Having divided book into five sections Rendezvous, The closure, Unrequited Love, Silent Embrace and The Spirit, the author has justifiably narrated her clients’ past stories in most simple language and even summed up how they moved on to live far better lives after their SS sessions and mustered courage to reveal their true selves only to take the world head on. The actual past stories are so well woven into words that one gets drawn into them only to finish reading in one go. These short stories have been told in such a striking manner that readers are forced to finish each one of them before placing the book back into the shelf.
Rita in present life goes on to unveil how she as Nicole in her past life receives body of her soldier husband Edward only to slip into deep grief ignoring her daughters, completely. Burdened with this past regret she was not even taking care of her present day child and was drawn towards Harsh, post her divorce. Her second story revolves around another character Elizabeth (Now Rita), who gets into wedlock with British soldier Charles and not to her true love Siddharth with whom she has a child Jay.
Unfolding mysteries and desires, the author goes on to add how Elizabeth’s love for Sid and Jay doesn’t let her love her present day son Adam and she feels incomplete. Harsh in her all past lives too was not completing her. That’s what was holding her from loving her son, even now. Through SS healing, Minal Arora makes Rita let her past go and moves on to love her life besides son equally.
Ranjit, in his present day life narrates story of his past when he as Shyam became victim of slavery and lost both his wife and children. This fear that he carried from past life was making him insecure even in present day life and how after healing he was able to move on is worth a read.
Stories of Ranviyay, who loses her mentor and love Devi to an illusion and in another life as King Jai Singh falls for a beautiful dancer Maya only to give up on life for not having seen her ever after her scintillating performance, have all been told very impressively. Other stories of clients where they claim to be heads of tribes in their past lives and what conflicts with other tribes cost them are also worth a read. How a prince Amir who fails to get his love in past life musters courage to express his love to Chandni in present day life is another story that unfolds mysteries and conspiracies and makes one stay glued to ‘The Veil’ before finishing reading it.
These case studies of Minal Arora’s clients for past life regression therapy and subsequent healings move from relationships issues to conflicts. According to the author, “Past Life Regression is a therapy technique which enables a therapist to unfold past memories and enable people to open-up. By opening-up memories, the therapist makes people give vent to their negative emotions and prevents them from falling prey to diseases”. Now a SS Healer, the essence of her stories is that the author wants people to get their minds and souls rid off past life regrets and use power of being human to let go present day life with full throttle.
According to The Veil, living with past imperfections is like running a race to nowhere rather without any finished line. The book claims to have healed many, set things in order for others and made many realise their inner strength that they used meticulously to pave a right way for themselves and not to regret at least in this life. It’s another interpretation in economics is that settling all the bills of this life in this life only and not carrying forward any for a peaceful journey.
Though the book is silent about how each and every person Minal gives therapy to remembers his/her past life as human alone yet the ballads written by Kirti D Narang before each story quite meaningful relate to the narratives that Ms Arora has told. Colourful sacred geometrical figures called Mandala art by Maarisha Chhajta are impressive and the book has ably been edited and proof read by author and healer Nupur Sandhu.
The author very meticulously goes on to add that for believers in past life these are make-believe experiences and a way to heal but for nonbelievers these still are good stories to ponder upon. Her well written poem about spirits at the end of ‘The Spirit’ culminates with…
“When nothing existed, I existed then too,
When everything will cease to exist,
I will exist then too!
(Minal Arora is a full time Serenity Surrender healer and is author of Infinity and Maya-a tryst with self)