Unsatisfactory jobs, under-employment big problem in India: NITI VC

NEW DELHI: India faces the problem of under-employment and an unsatisfactory job scenario more than unemployment as the young generation has higher aspirations compared to what is on the ground,  NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said today.

And, he said, there is a challenge to create a balance in this ” turbulent time” of increasing technological intervention and employment generation.

“We must be cognizant of the fact that India is competing or moving on an economic transition in a very-very turbulent time. You have an emerging trend of automation,  robotisation, artificial intelligence (AI) on one hand and employment generation on the other. And therefore we need to find some very clever and smart ways of handling this,” Kumar said.

Speaking at a post-budget conference organised jointly by industry body CII and Institute of Economic Growth (IEG), he warned however that any attempt to find a quick fix solution through a cut-paste model from abroad or any variety will not succeed. (AGENCIES)