Unique sites of Gool

Sculptures in various sizes, mind boggling all, in the area of Gool town, a block in Ramban District at the borders of Ramban and Reasi Districts could be one of the amusing tourist attractions  but poor roads, weak infrastructure, and above all, no interest by the State authorities are keeping tourists away from the beautiful and unique places of Gool un-introduced to outside world.
With a little effort and with a changed mindset, Gool in Jammu and Kashmir could become another interesting spot for tourists. It could mean  development of the area in its own way as very little rather nothing is known about this area hidden with a lot of potential.
Ghora Gali has interesting and unique sculptures of unknown period but the same have remained under veil. Picturesque Dagantop on way to Mahore, Ramkunda, Mutgala, Katazi, Narsingha, Jabber, Nakatop, Tatta Pani are a few charming spots with huge tourist potential. If explored and brought on various tourist and allied portals of the State Government, the same  could attract tourists from the State as well as from across the country giving a boost to the economy of the area plus providing employment to many people.
Sculptures of Horsemen in various sizes and conditions are lying, not known for how long. There are other such carvings and sculptures like elephant images and deities around and many could be buried also, the origin of whom is traced back to the period of Pandavas of Mahabharat era. Further excavations could reveal more. Pathetically, the Archeology Department has “done” its job by appointing a class 4 caretaker who remains under hide and seek mode.  The Government needs to look into the issue of historical legacy in our State, here in Gool area in Ramban District.