Unemployed Dental Surgeons’ Plea to LG J&K

We, the unemployed Dental graduates of almost last two decades in J&K want to submit to your goodself that the empty promises of the previous governments and the J&K administrations have put the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduates in vulnerable condition. Dental graduates in J&K have always been ignored for placements by the previous Governments despite of the fact that these students spends 5 to 6 golden years to complete their Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) after excelling up to senior secondary school level and in other competitive examinations. Earlier, J&K Public Service Commission used to advertise the available vacancies of Dental Surgeons for dental graduates, but for almost last two decades there have been no recruitment of BDS graduates in J&K.
It seems dental graduates do not have any career opportunities in J&K. If so, Government should either close the dental studies in J&K or it should provide proper career opportunities to the dental graduates. As on date, J&K is having more than 4000 unemployed dentists and every year dental surgeons (BDS) get pass out of colleges which adds to the already unemployed pool of dental doctors, and if the Government is not willing to absorb them, then they should shut down all the dental colleges in J&K and should warn the parents not to opt dentistry as higher studies for their wards either in J&K or anywhere else so as to save them from spoiling the career of elite wards.
During the previous governments and administrations in J&K, we were compelled to beg on roads for placement, strikes and hunger strikes. We met the ministers, health ministers, chief ministers, governors and each one gave us assurances and promises for absorption, but all proved fake and empty. In the recent past, several proposals were moved by the administration for creation of additional dental surgeons posts and filling of existing vacant positions, but files were just moving from one table to another and later turned down for unknown reasons.
We, the unemployed dental surgeons request the Lieutenant Governor (J&K) for a favorable action.
Dr. Sapna Pathania (BDS)
C/o Dr. Manjit Singh,
Kathua (J&K)