Illogical Agitation

This takes reference to letter “Lawyers Strike” (DE, Dec2). The worthy writer appears to be totally ignorant of the practice all around the country. The registration work is done by non- judicial officers everywhere in the country. It is lawyer there too who does the job. In fact it helps judicial officers to devote full time to their assigned task where they are overburdened already. It may sound strange that powers that be allowed the registration of documents to be done by judicial officers even after separation of judicial and executive power in Independent India perhaps Art 370 was the Villain. But what shocks my conscience is the fact that even individuals who were in the bandwagon of those in support of arrogation of Art 370 are most vocal supporters of status quo. It is high time that administration does not give in to this illogical demand of a group of society who are guided solely by self- interests. The argument that executive officers cannot do justice with the job is argument too specious to be given any credence. Personal integrity is for individual to maintain. No profession or position can assure that an individual is epitome of all virtue or vice. We should allow new system to be given a trial. But prophets of doom are opposing it without any reason or logic. In case any fraud is committed by any functionaries while performing task of registration they can be hauled up under the provisions of law in force.
If Government or administration succumbs to pressure tactics of any one group it will result in chaos. Should government revoke decision of abrogation Art 370 just because vested interest do not allow children to attend schools in the Valley or traders are not opening shops there.
In nation building people have to rise above petty personal interests and keep in mind larger public good. The old system of registration was defective as common man had to move from pillar to post for getting fard, girdawari, nakalitiqal, and variety of thing from revenue authorities that always did cost him dearly. If as we are told that the new system will be on line and intiqaaletc will be automatic in the new system all well- meaning citizens will welcome it. Lawyers have nothing to lose, it will be they who will do the job. May be they will be devoting their time to this field only. Let the lawyers resolve to find means of reducing delay in disposal of case rather than obstructing its disposal.
Virinder Kumar