Ugly Elections

Election time in India, indicates anything but a civilised democracy and the situation is the same all over the country.
Canvassing starts and the political workers are seen breaking all laws relating to traffic, noise pollution, defacing public and private buildings causing inconvenience to the public and setting wrong examples for the young children. Infact it won’t be wrong to say that the entire exercise leads to the spread of goondaism.
It is shocking to see political party workers tripple riding two wheelers, without helmets, overspending and honking away. Four wheelers are overloaded with people even sitting on the roofs of vehicles.
No law enforcing agency dares question them. The reason is obvious: fear of the goons canvassing for the political parties or else there is no reason why the traffic police and municipal authorities do not pull their act together and initiate action against them.
It’s high time the authorities wakeup to this nuisance and conduct democratic elections in a civilised manner. The political parties should be forced to clean up the city of the defacing caused by them before the results are declared. It will set a great positive impact on the young children who are going to be the voters and leaders of the future.
Col V Bhasin
Apna Vihar, Kunjwani