Trump Likens Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Kim to ‘World Class Chess Players’

MOSCOW, Aug 18: US President Donald Trump has called Russia’s Vladimir Putin, as well as the leaders of China, North Korea and Turkey “world class chess players,” arguing that his Democratic rival is nowhere near them.

“Look. One thing I’ve learnt: Putin, President Xi [Jinping] of China, Kim Jong Un, [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan of Turkey, they are world class chess players,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Monday.

According to the US leader, Joe Biden will not be able to work with them as an equal partner, as he was not “very good” even “in his best years.”

These countries and Iran, therefore, are “all dreaming of Joe Biden” as the next president, Trump asserted.

If elected, Biden will become the oldest sitting US president in history. He is four years older than Trump and will turn 78 in November. The incumbent president has repeatedly pictured Biden as being manipulated by his entourage.