Tribute to Molvi Lal Din A man of masses

Tabassum Choudhary
Peer Panjal is a treasure of different talents that not only rule the different stratas of life but also glorify the way to live life. Among many other personalities, Gadi Nashin saints are the real revelations of this Pirpanjal area. Famous ones are Molana Dil Muhammad , Mai Faqirni of Gambhir Mughaln, Molvi Lal Din , Sian Marghan wala, Mirza Mohd Khan, Mirza Iqbal ex. MLA, Ch. Mohd Hussain former minister, Mian Abdullah Khori wala, Fiaz Hussain Inqilab and Mian Habib, Masha Lal Chand, Master Beli Ram former cabinet minister, G M Bandy, among many others.
This write-up is the story of a towering personality who worked selflessly for the cause of the people and was one of the known personalities of his time.
A newborn boy named ‘Lal Din’ was born in village ‘learn’ of Tehsil Darhal of District Rajouri in the year of 1920 in the family of ‘Baji Bakerwal’. Haji Baji Bakerwal was known for his large number of flock (Goats and sheep). He had eight sons and three daughters and ‘Molvi Lal Din’ was his Fifth son.
Molive Lal Din had got his initial education in a Madrasa from an Islamic preacher ‘Molana Sunaullah Kashmiri’ ji of Soker, Darhal.
In 1942, Molvi Lal Din Ji got married to ‘Fatima Bi’ daughter of Mian Habib of village Panihad and sister of famous poet Faiz Hussain Inqilab . Mian Habib married his daughter Fatima Bi in a very simple way in the light of sharia. Total Baraties invited were 21 only and grandly served with “Sarson Ka Saag and Makki-di Roti along with chawal, Dahi, and namak (salt)”. Mian Habib gifted his daughter one Persian cow and some sheep along with some goats and charkha.
Molvi Lal Din always worked towards the upliftment of society and was also true to his nation. In, 1947 when tribal raiders sneaked into Jammu and Kashmir and were disturbing the people and atmosphere. At one night, Molvi Lal Din had an encounter with these raiders and they clutched him and were about to slit his throat when he showed the presence of mind and told them that the Indian Army is around and if they slit his throat his cry would alert them and they would surely get their hands on the group of traitors. Instead of killing, they took him a few yards away, where they could have easily killed him. They agreed and took him ahead and by God’s grace Molvi Lal Din took dark cover of the night cover and ran away from the clutches of those tribal traitors and saved the life.
In the year of 1959 Molvi Lal Din migrated from village Learn in search of a better life for his kids and to feed for his flocks. He got settled at village Rajpur,Kamila Tehsil Nowshera. He started his own Madrasa (Islamic School) at Mora, Kamilakot in his house,in which the religious and modern education was imparted to children of poor families, who cannot afford Schools. He also worked in the fields of local farmers on Ghla batai (Ada Hissa ) in the remote border area of Nowshera.
Social life
Molvi Lal Din was also politically and socially active and remained a delegate of the Congress Party and vice president of his block for the congress party of the Nowshera District for many years. He even remained as Dy. Chairman of Panchayat of Qila Darhal and was a member of the judicial committee too. In the 1965 wars, he played an active role in the rehabilitation of people in the border area, who were disturbed due to war. He also got a chance to interact with Indira Gandhi, Bakshi Gulam Mohd, Syed Mir Qassim, and Girdhari Lal Dogra, and Sheikh Mohd Abdullah. He has struggled for the opening of schools in his area.
Love for mother tongue
Molvi Sahib always speaks in Gojri language. He has written many letters to the editor of Urdu newspapers like Such Jammu regarding the plight of the people of his area. Molvi Sahib was a Panjabi and Gojri poet and also wrote in Urdu also. Molvi sahib was famous among youngsters of his time and was a staunch Gojri language follower. He had written many letters to Gojri program broadcast from Radio Kashmir Jammu for redressing the day-to-day problems of people of rural areas. The feeling of helping and supporting the masses, especially needy ones was so in his heart and mind that he always loved to face all kinds of odds or eventualities for the pleasure of others. He always believed that service to humanity is the service to God. He was famous among his people and even now is remembered as ‘Molvi sb of Kamila’.
Molvi Lal Din remained imam of Jamia masjid, Nowshera for a decade. In his old age, he was deeply adored by the people around him and they showed great respect and reverence for him.
Molvi Lal Din left this world at the age of 88 years for his heavenly abode on 11th of Sept. 2008 on Thursday at 9 pm on 25th Ramzan on the big Night of Shab-e-qadar and was laid to rest on Jumma -tul- wida in his native village Rain Bedhater of district Rajouri. His Namaz-e-Janaza was attended by people of all faith.