Many faces of human life

Ashok Sharma
Name of the book: Waqt Ka Daur
Language : Hindi
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Gyaneshwari Prakashan,
Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Price: Rs 250.00
Author: Sonika Sharma
‘Waqt Ka Daur’ is the second anthology of poems published in 2021 from the pen of a young and budding poet, Sonika Sharma.Her first book of poetry titled ‘Alfazon se Dosti’ too was published in 2021.The book under review comprises 65 poems composed on myriad facets of human life such as human senstivity,inner conflict of a woman,social dynamics and fast crumbling social and moral values, which have been highlighted by the poet beautifully in an artistic manner.The words to portray these sublime feelings and thoughts have been carefully chosen in order to realistically depict the true reflections of the fast changing society.
The poems ‘Chamak’, ‘Samaj’, ‘Pashtava’, ‘Galatfehmi’ etc highlight various dimensions of ever changing human relations in this fast changing world while the poems ‘Pita’ ,’Mitr’, ‘Mere Papa’, ‘Shakhshiyat Jo Maan Kehlati Hai’,’Mera Pehla Pyar’ etc bring out the purity, selflessness and sublimity of the relations such as father- children,Mother- Daughter and true friends.The poet, being the younger daughter in law of the eminent writer ,historian and Padamshree awardee, Prof. Shiv Nirmohi, has had her grooming in the literary ambience and she has taken full advantage of the literary atmosphere prevailing in her home and composed some lovely pearls of Hindi poetry.Her treatment of various personal & societal issues including artificiality & hypocricy in human behaviour, fast changing values and crumbling of relations in the modern social set up, bears testimony to her maturity, penetrating eye and sensitive and incisive mind. She is a teacher by profession and her poems speak volume about her being a sensitive and inspiring person. It is hoped that her poetic talent will fully blossom in the fertile soil of her domestic landscape and she will translate more innate sublime thoughts into poems and thus,continue to take forward the legacy of the legendery writer, Prof Shiv Nirmohi. I wish her all the success in her endeavour. The book consisting of 139 pages, has an attractive cover and is priced at Rs 250.00 only. The book has been printed on a page of superior quality and the font of printing is big enough for even the readers with poor vision to read.The poems have been composed in easy and simple language so that every person can read, understand and appreciate them. On the whole, Sonika Sharma deserves huge applause for being successful in depicting her ideas and thoughts in a realistic manner and the book is worth reading by those interested in literature as well as a common reader.