Tribal population and medical emergencies


I t is indeed laudable that Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has taken a decision to press into services state helicopters in far flung tribal areas in case of medical emergencies . Besides a few steps having already been taken in areas of support for livelihood and empowerment, still much is required to be done for overall development of our tribal areas. Not only these sections of the people are industrious and hard working and virtually self sufficient in so far as their day to day needs are concerned but bestowed with rich culture, art and heritage. However, in medical emergencies, such measures of providing helicopters would go a long way to address the handicap of distance provided such a help reached the needy in time. For that, eloquent arrangements needed to be made. Along with introducing more developmental schemes for such areas and ensuring social equality- besides transit accommodations, schooling , tribal health scheme etc , efforts needed to be made to keep their unique culture, traditions, language and customs alive. It is worth noting that in this respect a Tribal Research Institute is going to be set up for scholars and academicians to do research work on tribal culture and civilization so that more could be known about these communities. However, more of tribal centric socio- economic developmental measures needed to be taken on consistent basis, especially public services and modernising the infrastructure but maintaining the local colour and traditions which would further improve the standards of living of the tribal population.