Treating malnutrition with locally available food

Newer finds and researches are expanding the scope of the vast utility of locally available inputs to bring about desired changes or resolving problems hitherto thought being possible with application of only exogenous measures. In this connection, to overcome the problem of malnutrition to a larger extent, the Government is contemplating to collaborate with agricultural scientists to find out which local foods could be identified for the purpose in order to be grown right at Anganwari centres.
There are various items of food rich in protein and necessary vitamins which could compensate the deficiencies of the levels of nutrition which need to be promoted to be grown and in which agricultural experts and scientists had a big role to play to fight malnutrition especially in children. “Poshan Vatikas” or Nutritional Gardens at Anganwari centres as they are going to be called, shall grow identified fruits and vegetables to be consumed by the children in fresh natural form thus getting a riddance to a larger extent from packaged nutritional items. The scheme is really an innovative and trend changer in fighting malnutrition but implantation process should be equally really concerted and vigorous to make the concept succeed.