Trains again disrupted, but why?

That some farmers in Punjab having resorted to obstructing of railway tracks to stop normal train movements to press for whatever demands has put thousands of passengers to enormous inconveniences and troubles especially the children and the old, during these harsh winter day. It is beyond comprehension that rail movement is stopped as a means of protest instead of other means . Unfortunate for this country that “Rail Roko ” agitation is preferred to “Rail Daudaoo” which our economy desperately wants to better the lot of the people.
That newer and newer demands connected with the yearlong agitation of farmers which has otherwise ended should be still be raised for which “Rail Roko” is resorted to, is unjustified . The demands can be there and even justified but not the means unfortunately adopted and chosen to achieve them. Prolonged suspension of rail movement on account of COVID pandemic has already resulted in the loss of thousands of crores of Rupees to the Railways and to the nation and further cancellation of hundreds of trains was benefitting whom , is difficult to understand. The agitators must realise the immense difficulties faced by the people especially pilgrims of Shree Mata Vaishno Devi and other poor passengers who are stranded at various railway stations across Jammu and beyond and must lift the blockade immediately so that train movement is restored.