Traffic mess in Samba due to lack of parking

Traffic mess in Samba town due to wrong parking of vehicles.
Traffic mess in Samba town due to wrong parking of vehicles.

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, Oct 14: The traffic jam in Samba market has become a routine affair due to parking of four wheelers and two wheelers on the link road market and Bus Stand in Samba town putting the people especially the shopkeepers and commuters to lot of problem.
Converting the link road and Bus Stand into parking slot by the operators of two and four wheelers the fear of accidents looms large there.
Due to the parking of vehicles in Samba market, there is a lot of anger among the people against the administration. People said that whenever the market is to come, the whole day is needed because every day there is a jam in the market for many hours, due to which people have to face a lot of trouble.
While talking with media person, Meena Sharma, said that the link road remains jammed for many hours daily, due to which people who visit market for shopping have to put to a lot of trouble.
People of Samba alleged that despite the daily traffic jams, the Traffic Police do not take pains in regulating the traffic in the town which has generated a lot of resentment among masses against them.
Social activist Vikesh Amba, said that a parking ground should be built for the Samba town so that there is no jam of vehicles in the market every day and people are relieved of the problem.
People have appealed to DC Samba, Rohit Khajuria to take up the issue with the Government to avert the routine jam in the market and people are relieved of the problem.