Time up for TRF

Terrorism and its changing faces in three decades have revealed the true face of Pakistan and its agencies. Despite being on FATF terror Grey List for more than four years and being rebuffed by all powerful countries yet a shameless, deceitful, coward, Pakistan surpasses all limits of humanity and international norms and never desists from exporting terrorism to Jammu and Kashmir. The number of terrorist organisations in Pakistan must be a unique record of its kind. With consistent efforts India gets Pakistan operated terrorist organisations banned but like a recidivist, Pakistan rebrands them making the Indian task much more difficult. Banned Lashkar-e-Toiba’s offshoot TRF- Terror Resistance Front, is a classic example. Formed in 2019 TRF has assumed the front-end branding charge with the sole aim to create fear psychosis out of every terrorist incident, issuing lists of Kashmiri Pandit employees, media persons to be targeted, and attacks on outsiders and Government employees with a simple aim of disturbing the peace at any cost. Sensationalising things is their prime target, clearly involved in anti-Indian propaganda, recruiting locals, smuggling of arms and narcotics, and inciting people against their state are the activities which make it as dreaded as others in the past. GoI acted swiftly and in no time TRF is banned under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Two commanders of LeT are also declared as individual terrorists. Once again the network of agencies will work in tandem to choke the finances of TRF to minimise its activities and apprehend its active members. Safeguarding the public, ensuring the free movement of individuals and an overall fear-free society is the responsibility of the Government. These cheap tactics adopted by Pakistan and its state-sponsored terrorist organisations have neither worked in the past nor now. Pakistan must understand there is no place for violence and as such desist from most heinous crimes against humanity. Time up for TRF as police and forces are on the job and in no time the remaining few will also meet their fate ultimately, Jammu and Kashmir has no place for terrorism or terrorists now.