Time to strengthen democratic institutions in J&K: Ex-DGP

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 8: Hailing the abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution, ex-Director General of J&K Police K Rajendra Kumar today stressed upon the need to strengthen democratic institutions like Panchayati Raj (PR) system in the State and make people stakeholders at grassroots level.
“Now is the time to prove that whatever steps have been taken is in the interest of the people of the State and National Security. The people need to be reassured to the effect the good governance and development of the State at par with rest of the Country is the prime concern coupled with curbing cross border terrorism which is effecting their own economy and loss of precious human lives,” the ex-DGP said in a statement.
The former top J&K police officer said that these steps will strengthen majority of the peace loving people of the State whose voices have been silenced so far due to fear of guns unleashed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists and their mouth pieces, the Separatist elements in the Valley and in some parts of Chenab and Pir Panjal regions.
Kumar said that civil society has to be encouraged to come forward in the reconciliation and reconstruction process. “The hiatus between the internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits and the majority community needs to be bridged. Similar message should go the people of Jammu region too as they too are equally effected. Healing touch is the need of the hour now rather than behaving as victors and further widening the gap between people of the State and rest of the Country,” he asserted.
The former DGP stated that emotional integration of the people of the State, especially Valley is as important as physical integration of the State with the rest of the Country. He said while Pakistan will continue to fish in troubled waters, a determined and resurgent India shall be able to overcome all hurdles with deft handling of the challenges that lie ahead.