Time to focus on value-added exports: Piyush Goyal

DAVOS, May 24: Stressing on the need to focus more on services sector exports, Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday said it can help boost the country’s overall exports further and called for the government and the businesses to support each other.
Addressing a breakfast session organised by the industry body CII and Deloitte on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 here, he also said the presence of India has been very very noticeable this time in Davos.
Referring to the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, the minister said that despite supply chains having been strained amid global challenges, we have done exceedingly well in terms of exports and other parameters.
According to the minister, a record level of USD 250 billion of exports came without hospitality and some other key sectors and an extra focus on services sector can help improve the export growth much more.
India now needs to look at value added exports. It is important to bring jobs to the country. Logistics is one cost where the government is very seriously looking at and if there are any other concerns, the industry may have, we are open to look at each of those, he added.
“We are willing to dedicate senior government officials to oversee large projects. In the larger scheme of things, we all need to support each other to bring scale to the country,” Goyal said.
“India has got not only the demographic dividend, a young population, but also a huge talent pool,” he said, urging foreign companies to invest in India.
“Come to India and grow with India because India is the future,” Goyal said. (PTI)