Tiger population increase

Environment Minister calls increase in tiger population in the country a success story. In 2006, the number of tigers had dipped to as low as 1706 which has increased to 2236 in 2014 and that is 30 per cent increase. We would like to congratulate the Wild Life Preservation authorities for a commendable job they have done to provide best environment for the growth of tiger population in the country. Tiger is a unique wild animal to be found in about 18 States in India. The Bengal tiger is famous throughout the world. We have big jungles in different parts of the country and it is but natural that we should have sanctuaries where this graceful and powerful animal is preserved. The nature has strange ways of working. If there is lamb, the meekest of beasts, there is also tiger, the strongest of wild animals. The entire composition of nature becomes attractive with all the variety of animals, beasts, birds and other species growing living and dying. Protection and preservation of tigers became a national issue when it was revealed that poachers caught and killed the tiger for their fur which fetches fat amount of money. If the Government had not acted in time, we would have lost maximum of tiger population at the hands of poachers. While preservation of Wild Life became a formal act of the State, punishing the poachers and others who killed the wild life for sport and amusement has also been welcomed by the people. We would like that our country should be foremost in preservation of Wild Life of whatever specie it is.