Those who swindled public money would not be spared: Khatana

MP (RS), Gulam Ali Khatana addressing a workers convention at Kangan in Ganderbal district on Wednesday.
MP (RS), Gulam Ali Khatana addressing a workers convention at Kangan in Ganderbal district on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

KANGAN (Ganderbal), Nov. 30: MP, Rajya Sabha, Gulam Ali Khatana declared that money meant for the welfare of common people especially Gujjars, Bakkerwal, OBC and other social cause swindled and misused by high and mighty in Jammu and Kashmir would be recovered with interest and delinquent public servants and politicians would be tried in the court of law.
Addressing a huge gathering at BJP workers convention organised by BJP ST, Minority and OBC Morcha at Kangan in district Ganderbal today, Gulam Ali Khatana alleged that huge funds sent for the welfare of common people by the successive Central Governments were swindled and diverted for personal use by the successive rulers belonging to Congress, National Conference and PDP.
He said that Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA Government has vowed to bring transparency and accountability in the system in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and money swindled by the high and powerful would be recovered with interest.
He further said that dynasts jumped from party to party and exploited the gullible people by using their status as peers and fakirs. While they and their cohorts enjoyed lavish living, the common people are still struggling for water, electricity, better healthcare and shelter, he added.
Khatana said that Gujars, Bakkerwals, Pasmandas, Gaddis and Sippies are still living in primitive age and only a few elites are gobbling up all the benefits of State and Centre sponsored schemes. The elites have managed to acquire properties worth several thousand crores, palatial houses not in J&K but Delhi, Bangalore and other cosmopolitan cities of India but abroad also while tribals, nomads and other socially backward classes are still living a life of penury, he said.
Khatana declared that the days of loot and plunder are over now under the regime of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and rule of law has been enforced not only in Jammu and Kashmir but all over India and no case of communal riots has been reported anywhere in country.
He said that a surgical strike has been launched against the money launderers, corrupt, scamsters and next in line are those who have swindled and misused public money.
Others who participated in the programme were Sheikh Bashir Ahmed, State president MM, Choudhary Roshan Hussain, Sheikh Rashed, Sajad Hussain, Junaid Ahmed State vice-president, Lal Hussain Lodha, Ishtiyaq Ahmed, Rabia Rasool and Fareed Ahmed Thakri.