Things to do this new Year !

Agrita Chhiber
Starting from January to the December it’s been a long year of learning certain lessons life taught us and happiness spilled by our happy tribe. It’s time to pack everything that happened good or bad and bid goodbye to 2018 with gratitude and welcome 2019 with a warm bear hug.
As you hit January make sure you organize your plans and goals, so that you have a clear perspective of things and don’t end up mingling them which often ends up in nothingness. Think about your goals and as soon as you know them, start working on them to achieve some part of it or wholly by the end of the year. Isn’t it great? You can even set monthly to-do list for travelling or your hobbies. Make sure by the end of Jan you have a vision for the coming months. Let 2019 be your dream accomplishment year. Have a plan and execute it.
Next should be to practice gratitude, appreciate everything that makes you happy. More grateful you are for all the goodness and happiness in your life more you attract them. This year, make a new resolution to see something good in every day and appreciate it.
Make gratitude your habit
From the oxygen you inhale to the work you do be grateful for everything. Fine tune your life’s frequency for this new year. Cheers!
Read, Read, Read
Pick up your favorite cover you have been dying to read. In my previous article I mentioned a few of my favorite books and techniques for indulging in reading hope you guys tried after that. Starting with easy then move on to the complex subject, this year make reading a book your bedtime buddy.
Update your closet
Maintaining your closet could be a real task but not now. Here are the ways to make it clutter free and cropping out the unwanted material and make room for new shopping bags yayie. And here is your task for the dare, ask yourself these three simple questions and if your answer is “no”, get rid of it.
-Does it still fit me?
-Have I worn this in the last 6 months?
-Will I wear it in 6 months?
Take everything out if the answer is No.
Spend more time with
your happy tribe
Your family and friends are your tribe, make sure you spend more time with them. In a few years maybe you move out for your work or study purpose, so it’s better to start spending more and more time together and plan outings.
Plan an outing with your buddies at least thrice a year, it’s more rejuvenating than watching Netflix ha-ha.
Pamper yourself
Get yourself a new statement outfit. Wear that LBD you have been saving past years. The guys go for a new haircut… new you in this new year. Have a Spa day with your girly gang. Try out new cuisines and add more experiences to your soul. Change your regular look to more sparkling one.
Do charity
Help those who are in need. Circulate some warm stuff to those needy souls. And bring a huge smile on their sad faces. Do whatever you like instead of finding reasons of not doing. Take baby steps and be the change.
Learn something
new this year
Skip those funny comedy videos and look for things that interests you more and you enjoy doing. You can learn calligraphy, learn to bake cakes or learn a new language. Sounds exciting!
Stay hydrated
Make sure you increase your liquid intake as per your body type. Go for water, juice, smoothies and other such type of things in order to keep your body hydrated and skin flawless.
Follow a healthy routine
and workout regularly
Do yoga and make meditation your way of life for more balanced and cheerful living. This year, don’t just make guest appearances to the gym instead follow a regular workout program.
Wish you a blissful and cheerful year ahead. Happy New Year Folks!