Things That Everyone Should Consider When Buying the Right Orthopedic Mattress for Them

Our bone mass peaks at the age of 30. After that, it goes on decreasing with time. This exposes older adults to the risk of osteoporosis. It occurs due to low overall bone mass and reduced bone density, which can cause restricted movement, reduced mobility, pain in the joints and muscles, numbness weakness, stiffness and swelling. orthopedic conditions can surface in various forms. These can be arthritis, osteoporosis, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and more.


People who suffer from orthopedic issues need to ensure that nothing adds to the pain they already feel in their muscles and joints. Sleeping on mattresses with inadequate layers of padding, bounce or weight distribution can unknowingly worsen the condition. Therefore, they must choose mattresses created exclusively for them with special technology. If you or a loved one is experiencing orthopedic problems, how would you know which mattress is best for sleep? Here are some things to keep in mind to choose the ideal mattress and prevent orthopedic conditions from getting worse.

Better Support and Weight Distribution

When the weight of your body gets distributed across the mattress, your body doesn’t feel any pressure. This helps you get relaxed sleep. SPACES brings you orthopedic mattresses made with individually pocketed springs which are wrapped under and incorporated into a foam mattress. These help provide 30% better weight distribution and lumbar support to ensure enhanced comfort. It is the only brand of bed linens in India that offers orthopedic mattresses with this revolutionary technology, which differs from the other orthopedic mattress brands that craft their mattresses using various foam of different densities. The modern features of this range can help regulate your sleep cycle. Buy these mattresses online, so you no longer have to keep turning and twisting on the bed due to pain all night. The product can support all your sleeping postures. After a night of restful sleep, you can start the next day with fresh energy and a recharged body.



Thick Layering

The orthopedic mattresses offered at SPACES have a thickness of 6 inches, which can also be upgraded to a thickness of 8 inches if you opt for the Luxury variant. That means you get an extra layer of padding to support your back. This is extremely helpful for people who can’t sleep well due to recurring back pain. The bounce offered by these mattresses can ensure comfortable sleep with minimised body pain.


No Partner Disturbances

You may be sharing your bed with your partner and/or child. In that case, it is important to choose a mattress that minimises to nullifies partner-induced disturbances. This is another feature present in the range of orthopedic mattresses offered by SPACES. Therefore, no matter how frequently the sleep postures of your partner change, your sleep won’t be affected by that. So, you can rest at a stretch without any disturbances. Also, depending on whether you share your bed with someone, opt for single, double or queen-size mattresses.

Breathable Fabric

Insufficient air circulation while sleeping can add to your discomfort. Therefore, an orthopedic mattress for better sleep should also come with a breathable soft top knitted fabric. You can find this feature in the products offered by SPACES. Since the fabric is breathable, it allows adequate ventilation as you sleep. Therefore, you won’t sweat through the night and instead, have a pleasant sleep no matter how hot the weather is.



Brilliant Quality Foam

Our orthopedic mattresses are created with soft PU of excellent quality. They enhance the bounce and springy effect of our product. You can simply immerse yourself in a blissful sleep once you release your body on the soft foam. Say goodbye to body pain!

Anti-Skid Material

Imagine a mattress that keeps skidding on the bed as you turn or move in your sleep. That can be bothersome and even wake you up at night. For uninterrupted quality sleep, we bring to you orthopedic mattresses with anti-skid fabric. When you use them, you need not be conscious about your sleep postures or restrict them. By sleeping more freely, you can prevent your body pain from worsening.

Inbuilt Protection

If you have an orthopedic condition, you may want a mattress easy to maintain to make your life better. Therefore, you can buy our mattresses online that are equipped with an inbuilt protector. It protects the product from water spillage and stains. So, you can take care of it hassle-free without spending much time and energy for the same.

Long Warranty

You would definitely want a good mattress to last long and help you have a blissful sleep despite your orthopedic pain. For that, our mattresses come with a long warranty of 12 years. You can use them as much as you want. The durability of the product will surprise you.


Our orthopedic mattresses also come with additional benefits like anti-pilling, anti-sagging and anti-viral features, custom options for product size and fabric colour and a 30-night trial. You can enjoy discounts and expect complete transparency related to product dimensions and specifications. For instance, SPACES is currently offering a 30% discount on MRP and an additional 10% discount if you purchase their orthopedic mattress through an HDFC card. So, go buy these mattresses online to improve the quality of your sleep and avail all these benefits!