“The Power of 1 Hour”

Siddharth Mahajan
@thefitsidd- Insta ID
“The Bad News is Time Flies,
The Good News is you’re the Pilot”. Michael Altshuler, famous speaker and performance coach.
More than often we find our self guilty of using the phrase, “I just don’t have the time.” It’s like believing our own self damaging and self- sabotaging excuses to remove the blame and allow us to stay in our comfort zones. For most of us, achieving our goal often means making sacrifices and devoting huge time to our everyday goals.
But imagine if you just dedicate Just 1 Hour a day.
Most of us think that we don’t achieve our goal because lack of time. Whereas the reality might be instead of more time, we need a better and well planned routine. People who allocate their time to well-planned tasks are at a much higher probability of accomplishing the tasks. To ensure that, more than time all we need is an effective management of that time.
In the words of Miles Davis- an Art Influencer, “Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing”.
Apparently we all have 24 hours, yet many of us are unable to accomplish our daily tasks and that is where the Power of 1 Hour comes in. The Power of 1 hour is what gives us advantage to our busiest of days. It’s a tool which enables us to decide the way we manage our time to accomplish our tasks. A simple yet powerful thought, imagine you spare 1 Hour of your day into doing something you always wanted to do but could never do, because you didn’t find time enough to do it. Getting up a little early or taking out time before bed can make all the difference.
An hour a day renders 30 hours a month, when utilized proficiently leads to an extra, productive, accomplishing and fulfilling day in our ever busy lives. The reality is, in quest to better our business, giving time to our family, we often lack time to invest in our own goals. Start by making commitment to spend 1 Hour a day to your own goals. Most of us would convince themselves that managing 1 hour a day, isn’t realistic, on the contrary, this is attainable to the busiest of people. The moment you realise you can give yourself 1 hour a day, the results will be rewarding and encouraging. It’s only when you keep your goals up & high on your priority list, you will be able to spare that much needed 1 hour, an hour that actually has the power to make you believe in your abilities and ensures that you keep hitting your goals.
Working on goals may be as simple as working out, meditating for a healthier lifestyle, setting up new business while in job, writing a book and so on. 1-hour rule works wonder through all. We need to be better than our excuses viz. sleeping late, not getting up early, busy working schedules are all but excuses and our belief, courage and vision, needs to be bigger and better than our excuses. There’s nothing more important than achieving our own goals, sooner we realize, better it is. We may or may not agree but we usually look for a trigger, a motivation to perform to best of our abilities, to give our 100%. What better than to imagine ourselves fulfilling our own goals, patting ourselves for the effort we put in and taking the journey with all our heart and soul. And 1-hour rule certainly, when applied with a dedicated and planned approach makes you fulfil your goals, your desires.
It’s as simple as this, ” If your goals are important to you, you will find the time”.
“Enablers of 1 – Hour Rule”
* Start tracking how to spend your time
The track of time would certainly enable us to manage time. Doing this we might find something that needs to be done away with or something which requires lesser time to be engaged with. Once you start keeping a track, chances are you will be surprised to know there are things that can be managed easily within lesser time, hence spare sometime for yourself.
* Document To-Do list
This surely is an important enabler as it sets up your day. Now you know what are the tasks at hand that needs to dealt with. Once you have the list ready, you move in a much planned and timely manner again sparing some time for yourself.
* Prioritize your Goals
Prioritizing your goals is one of the best time management skills. Since you sorted the list, you know what needs to be done on topmost priority and what can be dropped, eventually making time for yourself.
* Delete- what is not required
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to delete what doesn’t contribute to your goals. There might be things that take your time but don’t help you in anyway, they just don’t contribute neither to your goals, nor to your progress. Shed them away from your lifestyle and you will see yourself contributing more time for your own self.
* Introspect
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to introspect. Introspect- why and how you need to be better, and will have your reasons to spend your time more proficiently and effectively.
Remember, this might be the Hour you require to change -what you have to and to achieve what you Must.
Even starting with smaller time commitments is fine. Eventually and gradually you will reach that 1 Hour Power mark. The real power of this strategy is that you make your goals your priority and you are being consistent.
In the words of Lao Tzu, ” I don’t have time, is to say, I don’t want to”.
That sums it all, If we want it bad enough, we will find time.
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