inner voice

Rise O Jammu

Jaded looks all o’er your visage,
are reflecting your livid unseen rage
Wherefore, I look up this perturbed case, and
Seemingly, everything’s a little out of place.
The grieving state has conjured up a loss,
wherein the mutual bonds have gone for a toss
Boundaries shattered, homilies overdone,
symphony of syncretism has gone to the gun
Rumors agog, begetting the hate of Sire,
who shrugs his shoulders from his ivory spire
Unrest it has provoked has a pyrrhic sense,
which has engendered a narrow communal lens
Rise O Jammu, analyze the old and forgotten,
Blessed you were and your men
Pummelled you are in this nightmarish dream, but
remember, You have dwelled in crises far more extreme.
Ansh Chowdhari

‘The Whole World Was Mine’

I waited for none
Thought for a moment
Neither pensive nor joyous
Headed straight
Sat on the bank of the sea
Saw a cliff
Twixt sand and sea
I made the way
Reached the top
Out there it was pleasant
I smiled
Spread my arms
Took a deep breath
And realised with closed eyes
The whole world was mine.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony

Small Town

Of this small little town
I have so many memories
Everything here is so pure
It is my daily cure
Everytime I am here outside
I feel nature’s arms around me
And the cold breeze on my face
That’s the reason I love this place
I see the snow on the mountains
The air so cold and clean
The trees are so tall and high
And the so blue river flowing by
Of this small little old town
I have so many memories
And I don’t think I’ll ever leave
Being here is such a relief
Saranya Manhas