The last Governor

Sat Pal Malik was the last Governor of the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir. He was appointed Governor of the State after the fall of BJP PDP Coalition Govt in the State. At that time State was passing through a difficult period. How he managed the situation in the Valley cannot be underestimated cum negated. He was a politician of a standing stature having administrative acumen.
During his brief stay in the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir he took some major steps for the welfare of the State. He got Jammu and Kashmir Bank under the ambit of RTI Act. because of huge corruption in the execution of Roshni Act in the State, Sat Pal Malik ex Governor of the State, abolished it forthwith. Tirade against corruption, he made vigilance agency vibrant in the task to deal corrupt people. Grievance Cells came into offing to meet the grievances of the people at the door step.
Grievance Cell was also operative in the Governor House at the very start when he took office. Accountability was to some extent working in the official domain. Terrorism was fought earnestly and zero tolerance was maintained. Stone pelting minimised during his tenure in the erstwhile state. He never compromised where national interest stood at stake. During his tenure grossroot level elections of Panchayats and SLB took place peacefully. BDs elections also went in a smooth way. Although his tenure remained short here but his memory will last long as Governor, of the erstwhile State. He was a matured Governor.
S N Raina