The Boy at your doorstep

Agrita Chhibber
Suddenly his phone buzzes, he takes out to check the notification. As he unlocks the device, the message very clearly tells him about the delivery to be made in specific areas. Yes, this is your delivery boy at the service. He collects the order bags, honking hurriedly making the way through traffic, which seems more like a task given in Khatron ke Khiladi.
The story doesn’t end here. The smiling customer and the incentive that awaits him for delivering the order on time motivates him to take up another order that comes on his phone as he runs down the stairs. I know you must be smiling while reading and nodding in approval.
If you think about scenario in 2005 or 2006 things were completely different then and now, there is a stark difference. The digital world is becoming part of life now. Initially you would have never thought of shopping or getting food online delivered at your doorsteps. This online world has become a source of employment for many young college going youth. A delivery boy associated with Zomato can avail the benefits of earning while studying, because of the working hours they can manage both and even adding something to their box of saving. If you love travelling around the city why not get a work of that sort, earning while travelling.
A few years back, I believed only postman was seen moving from house to house and delivering letters to doorstep. But now at every nook and corner you can locate a delivery boy riding his bike to deliver the item. It is not small circle, in fact a huge web which is running on the wheels of delivery boys. Jabong, Myntra, Zomato, Koovs etc., all these applications is successful because of the delivery boys. If no one had opted for this post, all the major online pages would have shut down in one go.
Delivery during the festive season is lively and in full bloom, but at times quite hectic. During the festive season the packages to be delivered are increased, if normally they deliver 60 to 70 packages, chances are it may reach up to 100 during festive seasons. The reason is, online it is more convenient and one place stop to buy things at exciting deals and offers. But at times the order recipient is not at home and they have to make 2 to 3 attempts before cancelling the order, this is a hectic thing. When it comes to delivery of pizza people want it to be hot and tasty but they too should put in some effort by taking the call on time.
Things being a customer, you can do to help them are simple, here they are-
-It is really bad to see when a recipient cancels the order after it has reached the door steps. It should be either cancelled earlier through application or inform the person in charge earlier.
– Guide them correctly to your address.
– Don’t use offensive language, if you received defected piece. Their work is just to deliver they are not aware of what is inside the packet.
– Thank them after you have received the parcel. It will give a positive boost to their work and probably the best incentive they can get.
The delivery boy doesn’t deal with parcels alone; he also deals with the recipient’s expectations and reactions. They are running around the city with an aim to deliver what you ordered at a click.
” I carry 50 packages out of which 40 are delivered on normal days. But the number of orders to be delivered increases during festive seasons. Customers are good and quite helpful in directing us the way to their homes.” Said Sanjeev Gupta from Economy Express.
“I deliver pizza from Domino’s and am fully satisfied with my job. Sometimes they don’t pick up the call and makes it difficult to locate the address. But overall it is a great experience” as told.
I hope you enjoyed reading about the buzzing life of a delivery boy. When you receive your order next time, don’t forget to thank them.