The Beautiful Bond

Anmoll Khanna
“Chanda ne poocha taaron se, taaron ne poocha hazaaron se, sab se pyara kaun hai, papa mere papa, papa mere papa”
A man being known by different names such as Dad, Daddy, Pops, Father, and even Papa is the pillar of strength, support, and discipline in his child’s life. Father is the one who doesn’t need any kind of introduction, appreciation; he just needs your love and affection. Father is that binding glue to the family without whom life seems impossible. He is the one who makes you buy everything but never buys anything for himself. In the growing years, each child wishes a superhero in their lives. A superhero is one man or woman who’s is a role model for them. By superhero, I don’t mean a person who is wearing a cape and underwear on top of their dress. He/she can be a normal human being too. Father for son is his first hero, and for a daughter, he is her first love.

INTERNATIONAL Father’s Day Special

For her, he is the man whom she admires all her life and wants her husband to be just a mirror image to him. Same way for him her daughter is his princesses. He is possessive for her and the same way caring too. Being a single and only daughter to my parents, I am a pampered one. Being in 20’s I still feel that I am a newborn child because of my father. He treats me in such a way that I don’t want to grow up. He fulfills all my wishes and all my dreams. It is true whoever says that daughter from the day she is born is more attached to her father and I am one of those daughters who are close to their father.
The funniest part in my life is that my mother is somewhere jealous about it. Whenever she scolds me my father comes in my rescue and she ends says this to me and him that ” Mujhe koi Pyaar nhi karta.” But she knows that we love her and she has a special and precious space reserve in our heart. Every time spend with my father is a precious one. I still remember that tragic year when life took my exam. In 2016, my father had a heart attack. His condition was worst and that was the moment when I was not with him. I was in Delhi pursuing my bachelor’s. He strictly asked everyone not to inform me because of my ongoing exams. But someone has rightly said, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. By his grace papa was out of danger. Although it took at least a year for him to recover. Life is a wonderful thing; it does get relief without disturbing us. Whoever passes this becomes muqaddar ka sikandar. Being a father of a daughter it’s very difficult for a father because ultimately he has to marry his princess which is really a hard thing for a father. Today is a very special day to thank my father for whatever he has done for me and even doing for me.
Without him I am nothing. Because of him, I am what I am today. I am a not brilliant kid when it comes to studies but pursuing a Ph.D. degree today is just because of him.
He believes I can achieve anything. I don’t believe that how can any child leave his parents in an old age home, those parents who made their child what they are today. By the way, I call my father as POPS. He is very special to me. He is the best gift along with my mother that God has given me and Father’s day would not be enough day to thank my father for all that he is doing for me. I would like to quote one dialogue from the movie PK, ” Maine dikhti hoon maa jaisi sab kehte hain, saach kehte hai, par hoon me aapne papa ki beti.”
Hence happy father’s day pops. I love you and promise to make you proud always. I also take the honor to wish every father, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. You are equally important to your kids as my father is important to me.