Terror by drones, a growing affliction

Before it could succeed in its satanic mission to rattle targeted areas of Jammu, a Pakistani drone was shot down after flying over 6 kilometres inside Indian territory . Imagining it having almost neared Akhnoor bridge as it was barely 500 metres short of it and carrying deadly 5 kg. IED , nefarious ambitions of those from across the border can well be imagined. It may be recalled that hostile elements from across the border, both state and non state actors, are hell bent upon creating one or the other satanic acts in Jammu and Kashmir whenever some political development is going to take place. It was barely two days prior to the President’s scheduled visit to the UT that this drone incident took place. The flying machine fitted with the GPS was with the intention to guide it to accurate location of its ”mission” . Reports that the terror outfit Jaish- e- Mohammed had planned the evil sortie and the taker of the consignment who did not turn up learning about the drone having been shot down must be nabbed in order to get the required information all about the operation of this new evil around our border areas, even deep inside.
That it is the same make and model of the flying machine which dropped bombs at IAF Station in Satwari , Jammu on June 27 confirms about the particular outfit from across the border behind this new way of terror mongering . The mechanisation of the hostile forces from across the border becoming more intricate in executing their terror agenda against the country can be seen how the shot down drone had parts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan just to make difficult for the investigators to ascertain the manufactures .Is it possible to operate these drones from across the International Border without the active support and help by the Pakistani Army and the notorious Intelligence Agency the ISI ? It cannot be, as if not directly for fear of international exposure and the consequential repercussions from this side, but covertly both are facilitators. One of the four batteries with the power of which the flying machine was running was shot at by the security forces bringing it down where it was found the same type of thread and the similar manner of binding the explosives as was found in the machine that airdropped the explosives on the IAF Station in Jammu which means the same terror group which had masterminded the June 27 drone sortie to Satwari.
Before this downed one drone, a few instances of such machines found flying in the border areas even after the IAF airdropping of explosives on June 27lead to the belief that the elements operating such devices from across the border feel emboldened in that such machines reveal less and hide more which makes the pre-emptive measures from this side quite challenging. The terror from across the border having adopted a novel method of executing its operation cannot be taken in any casual way . Since the machine is unmanned and most of the clues leading to knowing more about it being in quite haze , extra and concerted watch and vigil near the IB has been necessitated and it was on account of this factor only that the flying machine was downed. Carrying powerful explosives , as these drones do, meant to trigger waves of violent acts in the UT is the manifestation of Pakistan to showcase the entire area of Jammu and Kashmir as “disturbed” in its own interests .
It would be in the fitness of things to diplomatically and militarily strongly advise Pakistan to reign in and take action against such terror outfits active in that country that keep such type of hostile activities going on almost on continuous basis against the country especially in the light of the implied vow to keep the borders peaceful and not violate sanctity thereof. In such cases, otherwise, the suspect bases from across the border from where such nefarious flights are operated, merit by all counts to be made ineffective militarily