Temples and Mosques

Refer news item ‘China moving ahead, talking about temples and mosques will waste our time’ DE Aug 12, 2019.
The concern expressed by former Navy Chief Arun Prakash needs to be taken cognizance of by the countrymen. At a time when our neighbours, and other countries are moving ahead in different sectors of life, India may suffer terribly in case it does not keep with them. Rather India has to be the front runner to hold its status as a global power. India needs to be secure externally as well internally to safeguard its interests. Internally, all the communities should live in perfect communal harmony and brotherhood. If any issue exists between the communities, it should be resolved amicably without resorting to violence or any such act which is against the interest of the country. China is moving ahead in almost all spheres of life and is emerging a powerful nation.
Vikram Mahajan