Technological tingeing of Ayushman Bharat Mission

Giving a touch of technological approach to Healthcare access by the citizens and help the designated healthcare providers to reach out to people with precision and pointed healthcare, the citizens are thus enabled to create their own Ayushman Bharat Health Account numbers under a well devised platform known as The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). On the face of it, it may look of little significance but a deeper insight into similar other digital approach like CoWIN in respect of fighting the dreaded COVID virus pandemic in registering, recording and sharing on demand on individual basis all details about the administered doses of vaccination against the virus in respect of 96 crore of people is not an ordinary achievement but simply mind boggling. More than a million health workers providing vaccination services from as many as 3.27 lakh centres across the country plus numerous aspirants getting prior registration and appointments for getting the jab have all made CoWIN really an example in itself as to how digitally all records pertaining to vaccination can be created. It can just be imagined what situation and a mess would have been there in absence of the support of the digital platform of CoWIN to the entire important exercise in such a large country. India has thus set an example in itself in this respect.
Similarly, Aarogya Setu and e-Sanjeevani like digital approaches have further buttressed implementation of similar type of innovations in other sensitive and critical areas, hence Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) stands now approved on the countrywide coverage and implementation. For ensuring it worked in achieving the desired objectives which obviously cannot happen unless proper financial support was provided, therefore, stretched over the period of five years Rs. 1600 crore as budgetary allocation too has been approved. Here, we would not hesitate in suggesting that for such a noble goal set to be achieved, unless vigorous campaign and awareness were made, quick results would evade set targets as also plans to provide healthcare solutions to the Health account holders to set a new trend in the entire healthcare scenario.
Since a wide range of data was required to be fed into the platform coupled with relevant information and infrastructural services ,therefore, it was necessary to make its nuts and bolts fairly known to all stakeholders. No doubt, the digital mission is to build and develop the very structure or the frame paramount to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country, the experience of its first kind will give a boost to the hopes of addressing the neglected healthcare over decades of the people and through this digital approach , the Healthcare apparatus in the country could ensure to arrange desired improvement in clinical decision making by the concerned healthcare providers. One of the symptoms of underdevelopment and poor implementation of any welfare mission is absence of full and reliable relevant data and thanks to the information technology , digital platforms like the one under reference, not only build the requisite data , complete and reliable, but help in knowing the magnitude of tasks, achievements and future projections.
Since National Health Authority would be the implementing agency, under the proposed platform, the digital health records of the accounts of the citizens could be linked for better implementation. That would necessarily try to bridge the gap between different healthcare stakeholders through digital connect. It is heartening to note that as many as 2418 crore Ayushman Bharat Health accounts have already been created and as on date, over 11000 doctors stand registered and more than 17300 health facilities registered in ABDM. It is but a natural corollary that any innovative mission and that too on pan India basis was bound to generate new employment opportunities and thus create more jobs which was the dire need of the day.
As on date, the project of the digital mission stands all completed in six Union Territories including in Ladakh. However, what we feel that irrespective of which type of strategy, approach or plans were employed especially in healthcare system, what is important is the actual benefits percolating on the ground and to the masses.