Tawi Barrage heading towards ‘completion’

The much hyped and most longed for Tawi Barrage project in Jammu having faced series of hiccups and humps is finally poised for the “balance ” or remaining works on it being completed now shortly as indications in that respect have come from the inauguration of the kick-starting of balance work of this Barrage by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.
Enough has been said about the need of making Jammu city more attractive to visiting tourists and also provide recreational space for the local people by encouraging and harnessing the potential of our rivers and water bodies but unfortunately Tawi Barrage project has been eluding the aspirations of the people and especially the business community as lot of commercial activities too related to tourism could get generated due to the Barrage and associated spots of recreation created around it.
Jammu is otherwise in the lap of a scenic landscape and captivating natural environs but capping and harnessing them to make this vast urban sector look with a difference has not been taken seriously. Jammu and Kashmir Government/administration must see how Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad Gujarat, which had been reduced to just a Nallah of drains and sewage water going into it , was made a spot of great tourism attraction . Why despite there being enough scope, space and provisions for making attractive barrages/ river fronts etc, the Government is not taking it quite seriously. Since much is talked about the development of Jammu and Kashmir and agreeably many steps are being taken in that respect too, we therefore expect the remaining works on it getting completed at the earliest so that Jammu gets its small due in respect of promoting tourism.