Task Force Constitution

Govt of UT for J&K in its narrative has decided to create a task force to monitor employees activities that amount to anti-national. The stand taken by the UT Govt in J& K is a right measure and in right direction. Who can deny this fact that names of so many employees have surfaced who stood involved in anti-national activities. It has not remained in exercise in the present set up only but anti-national activities were noticed in early times also. Then, the situation was not taken seriously that led to growth of militancy in UT of J& Kashmir.
It goes bitting the hand that feeds you. Service conduct rules govern the employee and in that context no Govt employee can violate the rules that stand established. Going anti-national is an offence and demands sever punishment legally and ethically. Our constitution is felxible one but that does not mean we will indulge in unlawful activities that help insurgency and impede development. This measure will not go against democracy and suppression of bureaucracy but will clean the administration from rogue elements. In the present scenario constitution of task force is required for the return of total normalcy in the UT of J&K.
S N Raina