‘Talwars saw Aarushi, Hemraj in compromising position, killed them’

GHAZIABAD, May 23: The CBI today told a special court here that Rajesh and Nupur Talwar killed their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj in a fit of rage after finding them in a compromising position, a claim strongly refuted by the dentist couple.

Talwars contested CBI’s claim, saying that sex is no big deal in elite society and does not entail murders.

Resuming its argument on framing of charges in the May 2008 twin murder case, CBI counsel R K Saini told Special Judge Shyam Lal that on the fateful day Talwars had returned home late in the evening and not finding Aarushi and Hemraj in the living room went to their daughter’s room.

Saini said the room was locked from inside but Talwars opened it from outside with another key and found their daughter and Hemraj in a compromising position and got infuriated.

An angry Talwar picked up a golf stick and repeatedly hit Hemraj and his daughter with it, Saini said.

As the two fell unconscious, Talwars slit their throat with a surgical blade, a work done with the precision expected of experts like them, he said.

Nupur, however, personally, dismissed the charge saying that they belong to elite class of society where one does not kill anyone for indulging in such sexual acts.

She added that they dearly loved their daughter and there was no question of killing her even after finding her in a compromising position as the matter could have been resolved.

Refuting CBI’s allegations, Talwars’ counsel said the couple loved Aarushi dearly and they had given her a costly camera as a gift for her birthday, which was to follow towards May end and there was no way they could have killed their only daughter for whatsoever reason.

It was Hemraj, who killed Aarushi for committing theft in the house, the counsel claimed adding, however, that it was not clear as to who killed Hemraj and the CBI miserably failed in solving the case.

Talwars’ counsel also sought to refute the CBI’s allegation that they had cleaned private parts of the slain teenager to wipe off the evidence of her alleged sexual intercourse.

The Noida government hospital doctor, who conducted Aarushi’s autopsy, did no where mentioned in his report about the cleaning of the girl’s private organs, said the counsel adding that the doctor, however, later told the CBI that the girl’s private parts had been cleaned.

He questioned as to why the doctor did not mention this fact in the post mortem report itself.

Prosecution counsel Saini, however, stick to his gun and also quoted testimonies of Talwars’ another domestic aide Bharti and colony watch man to substantiate its allegations that the dentist couple was behind the murder.

Saini quoted Bharti, who said when she went to Talwars house on May 16 morning for doing the household job, the door was locked from outside and Nupur Talwar dropped the key from the first floor for her to open it and enter the house.

She said she did not find Hemraj inside the house.

Saini also quoted the guard of the colony to say that no one came to Talwars’ house at night and there was no question of any outsider entering the house to commit the crime.

Saini also said that after murdering Hemraj, they dragged his body to the terrace, where they locked it up.

The prosecution counsel reiterated the charges that they washed walls of Aarushi room to wipe blood stains off them and changed her bed sheet.

Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom on May 15-16, 2008 with her throat slit. Hemraj’s body was found in the terrace the next day.

While Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar is presently out on bail, her mother Nupur has been lodged in Dasna jail. (PTI)