Taking the alibi of COVID reports

Should a patient visiting a Government hospital for recurring dialysis treatment be asked to submit coronavirus test report as a pre-condition ? Should, again, a patient needing urgent surgery to save life be asked for such report as a precondition etc are certain vital questions which must be answered by those responsible to treat human beings in critical conditions in hospitals run by the Government. Most of the victim patients and their attendants feel that in many a case, such alibi is resorted to just to avoid the urgent treatment. Is there any order from the Government to that effect that latest COVID test reports should be insisted upon as a mandatory condition? Besides, such a report was not available instantaneously after samples taken but after three days and till then, should the patient be allowed to go critical to irretrievable levels?
While we all are beholden and praises for the medical fraternity and the para-medical staff in respect of their total commitment and sense of service and duty towards treating the virus infected persons and otherwise dealing overall with the pandemic , however, some instances of glaring unresponsive and avoiding tactics like the ones under reference, are uncalled for and unacceptable.