Taking cue from Health Ministry, other ministries keen to adopt real-time monitoring dashboard

NEW DELHI, Sept 11: A real-time monitoring dashboard of the Union health ministry to track government schemes and infrastructure projects among other things has caught the attention of various ministries which are now seeking to adopt it for their own operations.
A brainchild of Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, the dashboard was started to ensure transparency, accountability and provide better governance, official sources said.
It is being implemented by the Ministry of Health for real-time monitoring of government schemes pertaining to the ministry, ongoing infrastructure projects, parliamentary matters, letters, pendency of files, data and vacancies among others.
Each and every grievance is classified and tagged with work allocation of the ministry and has to be disposed of by the officer concerned in a given time-frame, the sources told PTI.
The analysis of grievances also helps the Ministry in taking policy decisions, they stated.
With the help of it, officials also track upcoming bills. It has been in use since September 2021.
“There are 15 modules including grievances and tracking of disposal time by key officials, periodical reviewing of all institutes, schemes and programmes. There is media monitoring, tracking of vacancies in different institutes under the ministry, analysis of health infrastructure, demographics, health outcomes, service delivery on a single platform and pendency and disposal time of files on the portal, an official explained.
The core feature of this dashboard is that the data from all 15 modules is integrated and linked with various schemes and programmes and institutes falling under the ambit of the health ministry which enables a 360 degree view which further helps in prompt decision making, the official added.
“Decisions and directions given by the Ministry to officials during meetings are timely uploaded on the dashboard for future monitoring and time-bound action,” he said.
Besides, it also covers the schemes and programmes under the Department of Health Research.
A report is submitted to the Union Health Minister each Monday so that he can personally monitor all developments.
Senior officials can get updates about the various tasks, letters and meetings on a single click and this is also being reflected.
The dashboard is also being used for real-time monitoring of the Janaushadhi scheme which includes sales, inventory, performance of kendras and trend analysis.
It is also being used for monitoring fertilizer stock, production, sales and demand across the country.
“The health ministry is getting requests from several ministries and the team is working on scaling up the portal to integrate all other Central Ministries,” the sources added. (PTI)