Tainted Netas get a reprieve from SC

Even though as per an estimate, nearly 30 per cent of present law makers have criminal cases pending against them or are involved in one or the other way in offences of various hues , a petition filed in the Supreme Court to bar such political leaders to seek election and get elected to legislatures and the Parliament to be not allowed, has been opined by the court to be dealt with by the Parliament alone . The Parliament was the authority to take a call on the issue was what the court observed. The court also refused to declare ”null and void” the elections of the MLAs and MPs charge-sheeted for over a year for offences punishable with a term of 5 years or more.
The question, however, is that can such a maturity and quest for a clean and neat public life and image be aspired for by the law makers in the Parliament that they, irrespective of party affiliations agree to enact a law to cleanse the system and thus create an image of their probity and transparency and high integrity in the eyes of the public. The possibility of this happening appears to be remote means that the position was going to remain as it is which is quite unfortunate unless people on their own, choose and elect only the honest and clean imaged candidates to such august platforms of our Parliamentary democracy.