Tackle OGWs

After decidedly taking on the militantsand launching all measures to curb mil-itancy related violence including stonepelting, the results on the ground on the basisof collected data suggest that number of mili-tants was on the decline. However, the net-work of Over Ground Workers (OGWs) of themilitants was needed to be effectively con-tained. It is largely due to the network of suchOGWs, that many terror related violent inci-dents continue to take place. While on account of vigorous operationspursued by the security forces against the mil-itants and busting their hideouts , there havebeen quite encouraging results , a similaroperation was likely to be the choice of thesecurity forces to be employed against suchOGWs who are reportedly being identified toface the ultimate legal repercussions.It is, therefore, in the interests of all thosewho are misled and virtually waylaid byPakistan towards the path of death anddestruction to abandon that suicidal ultimatefate and join the mainstream . However, thethree identified OGWs – Active, Dormant andPast Record’ categories needed to be tackled”suitably” especially the “Active” ones as theyserve the backbone of the militants.