Sweet Dogri Songs for Children

Name of Book : Nanhi Tor (A collection of Dogri Poems for Children)
Author: P.L. Parihar ‘Shauq’
Publisher: Highbrow publications, Bari Brahmana (Jammu)

Dogri is going popular and emerging fast in strength and status in the recent times. There has been impressive out put of books in Dogri . There have been efforts afoot for availability of translation in various languages. The field of Dogri writers has widened and greater responsibility lies on their shoulders to make Dogri on effective vehicle of public communication.
A redeeming feature of his Dogri poetry for kids is its natural flow, simplicity of language straight forward ideals based on Child Psychology and sweetness of poetic composition. To write for children is a difficult task and P L Parihar has done it quite well.
Child Psychology :
The author of the book has experience of penning poetic expositions for the children. It is quite significant that when the infants are fed with sweet Dogri songs, they can grow firm foundations of the Dogri language.
Parihar has authored ‘Thigh a poetic composition for children, Philonia Ghasutrian (Poetry for kids) and Geet Pataru (Dogri quotes)’. The author has well understanding of the needs of children, and that enables him to compose poetry for them.
Sweet Songs :
To make any language popular, it is essential that children should be nurtured in their mother-tongue. So is the case with Dogri.
It is note worthy that the Dogri was official language during Maharaja Ranbir Singh regime is Jammu and Kashmir and now has again been accorded, status in Indian Constitution and made an official language.
Good Publication :
The author has included some picture on each of the poetic compositions which add attraction. I feel that the book will be popular among our children. The genre of literature for children is need of the hour for swift progress of the Dogri language.