Sustenance of Farm Sector

There is what we call farm distress in most parts of the country. There are various reasons for it including climatic changes but this problem is looked at from a political angle much more than the technical angle. We tend to fight it with two conventional but turning gradually obsolete tools namely – increased subsidies and secondly, with loan waiver measures. Both of these have over stood their efficacy and beyond a limited very short period relief, the farm distress persists.
How it could be fought ? One of the measures is to switch over to alternate or allied activities which could be a factor of sustenance. Allied activities like poultry, rearing of fish and fisheries, dairy and dairy products, sheep rearing etc could be implored successfully.
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, while speaking at the  inauguration ceremony of the year – long golden jubilee celebrations of Assam Agricultural University spoke on the captioned subject with emphasis on  how many innovative practices like precision farming, vertical farming and robotic farming  like  some of the many advances in farming practices were playing a leading role in improvement in the Farm Sector.
We know that farming not only in our country but in most of the other countries was becoming less attractive because the farmers did not earn enough despite working hard. Since Universities and institutions dealing with agricultural field, they ought to identify problems in our farm sector which are of diverse nature and devise remedial means accordingly. Scientific research trainings, population control as more members in the family mean less holdings per capita, need based credit  and more importantly infrastructure , market facilities and warehouses, cold storages were needed by our farmers.
In our State also, universities need to work on collaboration with farmers to help them resolve the issues confronting them and ensure steady agricultural growth.